Titus 2 12God gives us important spiritual gifts to share with others to glorify him.  Martin Luther the leader of the Protestant Reformation once contrasted man’s power to God’s power, and physical, earthly blessings to spiritual, heavenly blessings in one simple statement “I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.  Man’s possessions are things like money which could be hurtful.  But God gives us love to distribute amongst each other.  Love is important.  The treasured gifts God gives are everlasting and continue on into heaven.  Worldly gifts can’t be kept forever, they only last as long as they are taken care of well.  People can keep God’s gifts but they can’t keep the worldly possessions forever.

money is the root of all evilMoney is a harmful thing.  If you don’t use it well it can lead to sinful actions.  It can hurt us in ways that we don’t understand.  We love it so much after a while that it becomes the only thing special to us and we become greedy and stingy.  Because of money we lose the love we have for each other and we lose our love for God.  There are many other earthly things that can make us lost but money is one of the most massive traps.  Money is a dangerous trap and should be avoided, not in ways that make us poor but in ways that make people love God more.Col 3 14

God gives us the gift of love to use for his glory.  Love is a precious gift that can be used wherever we go and given to anyone.  Without love we would have an empty dangerous world where people get caught in worldly traps.  Those who give love get double in return.  Without love we cannot have the other spiritual gifts like grace, mercy, hope, and patience.  We should show love to all we can to show them the way to Christianity and the love of Christ.  Unless we have love we can’t be happy.  Loving others is one way to bring glory to God.  We need love.

CS LewisWe can’t keep worldly goods forever.  Man’s possessions include the dangers of money.  God’s possessions include love.  If we don’t focus on God and his blessings we are not true Christians.  Worldly possessions can be easily lost.  We need to remember that our life in this world is only to bring glory to Christ and to tell people about him.


My Favorite Ugandan Landscape

IMG_1964 My favorite landscape is on the edge of the Great Rift Valley.  It is a lake called Lake Victoria, it is especially beautiful in the early mornings when the fishermen are just getting started and the sun is reflecting of the water making a beautiful sunrise. IMG_1966IMG_1968The lake was named after Queen Victoria by the explorer John Hanning Speke in 1858.  Lake Victoria is the largest African lake and the largest tropical lake in the world.  It is the second largest lake in the world after Lake Superior in North America.  The Lake is drained mostly by the River Nile.  Its maximum depth is 84ft and it is set in a small depression in Africa.  It is shared by Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. IMG_1967

Sherbrooke Montreal

Sherbrooke winterWe are going to Sherbrooke Montreal in about 9 months.  Isn’t that a bit scary, it’s freezing cold and everybody speaks French.  We’re going there to learn French so that we can start missionary work in Senegal.  The winters are cold and long, since I have grown up in Uganda that’s going to be hard on my body.  We are going to have some fun though, we can go skiing and we can spend more time with my grandmother.  We’re going to live there for about 6 months and that scares me because I haven’t been in the states for long and never in an area where people only speak French.  I am also going to be doing grade eight in French can you imagine.  It’s going to be hard but the Lord will be with us always.  I am going to be scared but it’s what God wants us to do.  Please keep us in your prayers.     Sherbrooke map

Throw Back Thursday – Furlough in Maine

100_0476We were on furlough in Maine and we had gone outside to play in the snow.   We built snowmen and snow forts.  We had a lot of fun that year visiting relatives and living in winter for the first time that we could remember.  True we did get chapped but it was worth it to live with my grandfather for the time we had left.  I really enjoyed that year.

Throw Back Thursday – Happy Hats!

100_0543100_0565We were on furlough at the time in Papa’s house and it was getting close to Christmas. Mom had gotten in to an old box of her things and pulled out four hats. We spent the rest of the time posing so Mom could take our pictures. We had a great time.

The Raven Master’s Secret / Destiny


My first trip to London was when I was 1 year.

My first trip to London was when I was 1 year.

I am reading a book with mom called The Raven Master’s Secret.  I like the book so far.  There is an English boy called Forest who lives in the Tower of London because his father is a Warder and the Raven Master.  The time this takes place is when the Scottish were being pushed off their land by the English.  The king’s men captured three prisoners and they are being taken to the tower of London one of them is a girl and Forest’s father is in charge of guarding her.  Her name is Maddy, and she is the daughter of a Scottish rebel.

She says that you can change your destiny but I have to disagree. God is in control of my destiny and only he has any power over it.  Even if you do something that God hasn’t put in the plan he will use it to glorify himself.  I can try to control my destiny as much as I want but God will just use it as part of the plan.  There is a much bigger picture that God has control over and we might not see it immediately but it’s there.  There is a bible verse that clearly states that.Tower of London

The haters of the Lord would pretend submission to him, but their fate would endure forever.

Psalms 81:15

That clearly states that we can’t change our destinies no matter what we do.

Escape Across the Wide Sea

I have just finished reading a book called Escape Across the Wide Sea.  It’s about a French family of Huguenots that had to flee from France in order to practice their own religion.  The father is called Daniel Bonnet and he is a weaver, the mother is called Jeanne Bonnet, and the boy is also called Daniel.

God challenged the Bonnets to make a choice for following him in a free way or committing to the Catholic Church.  God also challenged the Bonnets to what they thought of slavery and gave them a firsthand look at what slavery was like.  Their response was that slavery is awful and should never haEscape across the Wide Seave been created.  I would respond in the same way most likely, in the belief that we should do whatever possible to get rid of slavery.

God also provided for the Bonnets in ways that were good. He gave them friends to help them along the way as well as, he helped Daniel not lose his leg after it was maimed by a soldiers bayonet, and he helped Jeanne not lose the baby Peter during the hardships of creating their own French colony.  I expected that Daniel would lose his leg to infection. But thanks to God he did not.

Daniel experienced some things that I don’t think should ever have to be experienced by a little kid. He saw firsthand the pain a person can go through for example, how a slave was treated.  What really hurts me is not that he ended up using a crutch his whole life but how he saw how slaves were treated but couldn’t do anything about it.  Slavery makes me feel horrible in every way, and I wish I could have done something about it.  I didn’t learn anything new about how slaves were treated but it was horrible all the same.

The book was sad but they did do a good job with the amount of information they put in about the treatment of slaves.  The way people were treated teaches us about how to treat people now. We need to understand that people are all equal and should be treated the same.

Daniel was drawn to a young slave girl named Seynabou when he met her on the slave ship that took them from France to Senegambia then to Guadeloupe.  She had been taken from her home along with her oldest sister then they were separated when they reached Guadeloupe.  She went from one slave owner to a man named Master Le Conte who gave her to his daughter who went to America along with the Bonnets and started the new colony.  As the story progresses I believe that Daniel will try to buy Seynabou to make her free.

Daniel met many different people and experienced many different cultures, especially when he went to Senegambia.  I feel the same way when I visit the U.S.A., I feel out of place and homesick just like he did.  The author did a good job portraying the feelings of Daniel and his family it was very realistic.  The funny thing is that soon we will be moving to Senegal which used to be part of Senegambia.  It scares me to be moving to Senegal but it’s God’s will and I hope to be part of missionary work very soon in Senegal.  Please pray for me and my family on our move to Senegal.

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