A Normal Day in Uganda for Me

Tons of Fun!

Not a normal day but here are my cool friends on an exceptional day!

A normal day for me consists of three things meals, school, and extra-curricular activities [Unless it’s Sunday or Saturday].   I’m going to give you my daily schedule.  I wake up at 6:30am because dad leads bible study and he has to go to leave for work early in the morning.  Then I eat breakfast and get ready for the day.  I start school at around 8:00 and continue till 10:30 when we break for Literature time and snack. From then I work on school activities like Math, Reading, Spelling, History, French, Luganda, Bible, Grammar, Writing, and Memory work. Reading is my favorite subject because mom makes sure that my books are all of the highest quality.  Although reading is my favorite, I also enjoy History and the way it leaves me excited for the next chapter, book, and year.  We have lunch around 12:30.  School ends at 3:00 so that we may participate in extra-curricular activities which this semester includes Capoeira, Worship Band, Swimming, and hanging out with my friends.  The highlight of my week is when my friends come over for a play date every Wednesday and the reason is because they are full of bright ideas and like the same things I do.  I enjoy everyday that comes to me and I cherish everyday that is past.


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