Noah’s Flood Found Article


The Black Sea

The Black Sea

I’ve just finished reading an article titled “Noah’s Flood Found” in a magazine called Top Story.  A man named Robert Ballard, who is an Oceanographer, found ruins of a large village proving that there was a great flood near the Black Sea about seven thousand years ago.  He knows that it was a flood because it is all under water.  The evidence is that they are finding freshwater shells in saltwater.  Although he found evidence of a huge flood, he still does not believe that Noah existed during the time of the flood and that he built an ark.

I on the other hand know that there was a flood and believe that Noah did exactly what the Bible says because I am a Christian and believe in that the Bible is always correct.  Maybe someday he will realize that the Bible is an accurate record of history just like his evidence found under the Black Sea.


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