The Raven Master’s Secret / Destiny


My first trip to London was when I was 1 year.

My first trip to London was when I was 1 year.

I am reading a book with mom called The Raven Master’s Secret.  I like the book so far.  There is an English boy called Forest who lives in the Tower of London because his father is a Warder and the Raven Master.  The time this takes place is when the Scottish were being pushed off their land by the English.  The king’s men captured three prisoners and they are being taken to the tower of London one of them is a girl and Forest’s father is in charge of guarding her.  Her name is Maddy, and she is the daughter of a Scottish rebel.

She says that you can change your destiny but I have to disagree. God is in control of my destiny and only he has any power over it.  Even if you do something that God hasn’t put in the plan he will use it to glorify himself.  I can try to control my destiny as much as I want but God will just use it as part of the plan.  There is a much bigger picture that God has control over and we might not see it immediately but it’s there.  There is a bible verse that clearly states that.Tower of London

The haters of the Lord would pretend submission to him, but their fate would endure forever.

Psalms 81:15

That clearly states that we can’t change our destinies no matter what we do.


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