Titus 2 12God gives us important spiritual gifts to share with others to glorify him.  Martin Luther the leader of the Protestant Reformation once contrasted man’s power to God’s power, and physical, earthly blessings to spiritual, heavenly blessings in one simple statement “I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.  Man’s possessions are things like money which could be hurtful.  But God gives us love to distribute amongst each other.  Love is important.  The treasured gifts God gives are everlasting and continue on into heaven.  Worldly gifts can’t be kept forever, they only last as long as they are taken care of well.  People can keep God’s gifts but they can’t keep the worldly possessions forever.

money is the root of all evilMoney is a harmful thing.  If you don’t use it well it can lead to sinful actions.  It can hurt us in ways that we don’t understand.  We love it so much after a while that it becomes the only thing special to us and we become greedy and stingy.  Because of money we lose the love we have for each other and we lose our love for God.  There are many other earthly things that can make us lost but money is one of the most massive traps.  Money is a dangerous trap and should be avoided, not in ways that make us poor but in ways that make people love God more.Col 3 14

God gives us the gift of love to use for his glory.  Love is a precious gift that can be used wherever we go and given to anyone.  Without love we would have an empty dangerous world where people get caught in worldly traps.  Those who give love get double in return.  Without love we cannot have the other spiritual gifts like grace, mercy, hope, and patience.  We should show love to all we can to show them the way to Christianity and the love of Christ.  Unless we have love we can’t be happy.  Loving others is one way to bring glory to God.  We need love.

CS LewisWe can’t keep worldly goods forever.  Man’s possessions include the dangers of money.  God’s possessions include love.  If we don’t focus on God and his blessings we are not true Christians.  Worldly possessions can be easily lost.  We need to remember that our life in this world is only to bring glory to Christ and to tell people about him.


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