DSC01881We have four baby chameleons, we have two females and two males there names are Hope, Carla, Tom, and Carl. They are the cutest things on the planet earth.  The females are darker than the males and seem more docile.  The males are very territorial and can’t stand the females unless it is mating season. A baby chameleon can only eat fruit flies because they are so small so we put rotten fruit in there habitat so they can catch the fruit flies easier. A chameleon is ready to mate four to five months after birth and has babies twenty to thirty days after mating and if all goes well they could have thirty-five to eighty baby chameleons. We hope that when our chameleons have babies we can fill our yard with them and see them every day, off course we will still keep some of them in the house and on the porch.



Beautiful Birds

In my lovely garden I have many beautiful birds.  Sun birds like the one below along with brown and red finches.  It is mating season so all the birds are building nests.  My favorite bird is called the finch you can see them on the ground most of the time and they look like little mamas and papas.  The sunbirds are purple, red, and blue. They eat nectar and make the most beautiful little noises.  The birds in my yard are gorgeous and make perfect views.

Lovely little birds in my garden.

Lovely little birds in my garden.

Our new house

I am excited for our next move within Uganda.  It is a good house big enough for six but not too big.  I am sharing a room with Hannah and Maddie and Janet are sharing a room but in seven months Maddie and Hannah are going to switch.  The living room is not as big as the living in the house we are in right now.  The front yard is practically a garden and the backyard is good for sports.  My family and I enjoy the beauty of the garden and the space of the field it definitely matches my family’s lifestyle.  The location is very good because it is close to all the things we enjoy like the botanical gardens and the zoo nearby there is a coffee shop and multiple pizza places there are three or four swimming pools near all of it.  This move is in a few weeks and I believe my family made a good choice.

Noah’s Flood Found Article


The Black Sea

The Black Sea

I’ve just finished reading an article titled “Noah’s Flood Found” in a magazine called Top Story.  A man named Robert Ballard, who is an Oceanographer, found ruins of a large village proving that there was a great flood near the Black Sea about seven thousand years ago.  He knows that it was a flood because it is all under water.  The evidence is that they are finding freshwater shells in saltwater.  Although he found evidence of a huge flood, he still does not believe that Noah existed during the time of the flood and that he built an ark.

I on the other hand know that there was a flood and believe that Noah did exactly what the Bible says because I am a Christian and believe in that the Bible is always correct.  Maybe someday he will realize that the Bible is an accurate record of history just like his evidence found under the Black Sea.

A Normal Day in Uganda for Me

Tons of Fun!

Not a normal day but here are my cool friends on an exceptional day!

A normal day for me consists of three things meals, school, and extra-curricular activities [Unless it’s Sunday or Saturday].   I’m going to give you my daily schedule.  I wake up at 6:30am because dad leads bible study and he has to go to leave for work early in the morning.  Then I eat breakfast and get ready for the day.  I start school at around 8:00 and continue till 10:30 when we break for Literature time and snack. From then I work on school activities like Math, Reading, Spelling, History, French, Luganda, Bible, Grammar, Writing, and Memory work. Reading is my favorite subject because mom makes sure that my books are all of the highest quality.  Although reading is my favorite, I also enjoy History and the way it leaves me excited for the next chapter, book, and year.  We have lunch around 12:30.  School ends at 3:00 so that we may participate in extra-curricular activities which this semester includes Capoeira, Worship Band, Swimming, and hanging out with my friends.  The highlight of my week is when my friends come over for a play date every Wednesday and the reason is because they are full of bright ideas and like the same things I do.  I enjoy everyday that comes to me and I cherish everyday that is past.


I’m a book lover. Another name for it is bookworm which means I read all the time. Books open up a whole new world to me. They also fill me with a longing for adventure and wonders. The Hobbit, for example, is an amazing book full of talent. For those who have read the book, remember the chapter called “Opening of the door” the whole chapter was just about opening a door and it was like twenty pages. Another book I want to talk about is called The Golden Goblet which I just finished it is full of danger and adventure which is exactly what I look for in books. I hope all bookworms reading this enjoy and agree.The HobbitGolden Goblet

Piano Teachers

We all are so happy to take piano lessons so our home is often filled with music.

Today is Wednesday and we just had our piano lesson with a new teacher her name is Mrs. Grace and I think she is very pretty.  She is a very good teacher as well as a good friend she is someone you can talk to.  Our last piano teacher’s name was Mr. Paul but he got sick, and he was sick for a very long time and he is still sick.  I like Mrs. Grace very much; even though I liked Mr. Paul too. I think she is a great teacher because she is very professional.  I forgot to mention Mrs. Grace is pregnant.

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